Rules :
=>Don’t invest total amount in single trade
=> Don’t loss more than 10% investment in single trade
=> First 10 trades with less quantity to understand our service style
=> Partial profit given after also you are willing to take risk means Keep strictly buying price stoploss then only hold
=> Don’t trade without stoploss we are not responsible for loss.Strictly maintain stoploss to reduce your risk.
=> Trade as per trend 
=> Whatever we are giving stoploss your investment you have to take care ,according to investment 10-15% only risk take
=> There is no refund policy and cancellation,if any loss happens we * will recover * only option
=> It’s market both profit and loss should be there

We so believe in our services and support and even give a two days free trial that, without any exception NO REFUND POLICY.
The information and views in this website & all the services we provide are believed to be reliable, but we do not accept any responsibility (or liability) for errors of fact or opinion. Users have the right to choose the product/s that suits them the most.


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